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Tudeshki Industrial Process Control


About Tipco

Tipco GmbH is a public limited company. We construct, and develop devices for process control, process engineering, plant monitoring, as well as quality control. Our company offers customized solutions in collaboration with industrial partners.

Our products and services include:

  • Signal Processing       

  • Data Analysis               

  • System Development

  • Online Grainsizeanalyser “GeoScanner” for mass flow                                                                 

  • Online Grainsizeanalyser for hydraulic conveyance

Automation of processes through Online-Grain Size Analysis

The measuring principle is based on the physical principle of impulse. The range of processing plant and grainsize distribution, as well as substantial differences of granulate, procedure type (wet or dry), and process type require universal technology of grainsizeanalysis.

Tipco GmbH aims to develop universal technology for reliable grainsizemeasurement, that meets all requirements. GeoScanners are able to record data within a one-second cycle in the following areas: hydraulic transportsystem, pneumatic transportsystem, mass flows, transport by gravity.



Phone +49 (0) 241 / 412 524 0




Leonhardstraße 23-27

52064 Aachen


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