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GeoScanner Online-Grain Size Analyser

Mechanical Properties:


  • Measurement of all different kinds of grains and granulates                        

  • Measuring range from a several μm to 50.000 μm                                

  • High frequented measuring interval < 1 second                       

  • Geeignet für alle Massenströme                                                   

  • Unbiased on density and chemical composition                             

  • Suitable for all mass flows                                                               

  • Deployment within hydraulic and pneumatic transport as well as on conveyor system and transport by gravity                                      

  • Includable in all technical processes                                                                                        

  • Data visualizing, -record and -remote transmission                     

  • Signal output for system processing                                            

  • Strong, reliable and wearresistant

Range of Service:

  • Process Control                                    

  • Process Managemant                                         

  • Plant Control                                   

  • Quality Check

Grain size distribution as a multi-indicator

Grain size distribution has an essential impact on substance properties, food industry, paint manufacturing, pigment production, chemicals, metallurgy, plastics technology, material production, and mining industry. Those examples imply the importance of predefined grain size within production process. All above mentioned industrial sectors move granulates through mass flow within process chains. A permanent analysis of grain size distribution can lead to automatic process optimization. Therefore, grain size distribution is a multi-indicator and a reliable measurement for innumerable process properties.

Automatization of Process through Online-Grainsize Analysis

Through the information given by grain size distribution before and after all processing steps an automatic quality control and permanent machine- and production control, as well as a continues machine – and production control is implemented.

Grading Curve within One-Second Cycle

The GeoScanner provides results about grain size distribution within a one- second cycle. Besides visualizing and documenting grain size distribution our system offers signals about system- and machine control.


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